Public Policy Planning & Consulting Co. is a consulting company specializing in the field of public policy.

The company provides services to political party, individual politician, local political leader, and private company and organization.
The company has made variety of accomplishments particularly in the fields of economic policy, fiscal policy, monetary policy, social security, regulatory reform, administrative reform, educational reform, etc.

In Japan, the powerful government bureaucracy has dominated the function of planning public policy and almost nobody has ever played a role to propose alternatives.  The company aims to be a competitor against the bureaucracy in Japan.

Public Policy Planning & Consulting

In order to accomplish the democracy in a true sense, we believe it requires an existence of the competing actors against the kasumigaseki, and the ones that elaborate concrete policy plans and bills, rather than simply express mere wishes or demands. We believe that the policy consulting industry should show the policy alternatives to the public and the Diet members by presenting “counterproposals” to the government.
P.P.P.C. was thus founded to pioneer such policy consulting industry.

Company Overview

Name Public Policy Planning and Consulting Co.
Founded Oct. 2nd, 2009
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan

Our Experts

Representative Chairman

Professor, Kaetsu University

Founded PPPC in 2009. Prior to that, he was with the Ministry of Finance, holding various posts such as deputy advisor to Prime Minister, Special Advisor to Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Counsellor of Cabinet Secretariat, asset-liability management office of Financial Bureau, etc. He served as “control tower" of various reforms under Koizumi and Abe Cabinet.Currently he serves as Advisor to Financial Services Agency, etc.
He acquired B.A. in mathematics and economics from University of Tokyo, Ph.D in policy studies. He also studied at Princeton University as visiting researcher.
Representative President


Founded PPPC in 2009. Prior to that, he was with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently METI), holding various posts such as director of Civil Service Reform Secretariat, Special Advisor to Minister in charge of Administrative Reform, Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management, etc. He tackled with issues of civil service reform under Abe and Fukuda Cabinet.
He also serves as Special Advisor to Osaka prefectural and city governments.
He acquired B.A. in law from University of Tokyo, LL.M. from University of Chicago.
Chief Researcher

Yoshiyuki KUROSAWA

Past career includes researcher at “Think Tank 2005 Japan” (LDP-affiliated think-tank), policy staff for a member of House of Representatives, editor and writer at “weekly economist” (pub by The Mainichi Newspapers).

Business Areas

1. Policy Consulting
< For policy related persons in the central/local governments and parties >
  • Support on public policy planning
  • Drafting and checking bills and ordinances
  • Research and analysis on public policies
  • Planning and management of symposiums and conferences on public policy and dispatch lecturers
< For companies and non-profits >
  • Support on public policy advocacy
  • Pigeonhole and analyze policy information
  • Support for lobbying activity
  • Planning and management of symposiums and conferences on public policy and dispatch lecturers
2. Research, Analyze and Study Political, Economic, Societal Issues
3. Draft and Publish Analytical Reports on Public Policies
4. Planning and Management of Symposiums, Conferences on Political, Economic, Societal Issues or other Policy-related Events

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